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Maquette Project

In our daily routes we usually don’t pay much attention to the things we pass by.

It’s just the slog between our house and where we need to be; the supermarket or workplace.

In video games there are bits where we have to do the same: ignore this building, or that car. In games there are clues that these things are nothing but decoration. It is then impossible to actually enter this car or building.

And I think there is a similarity there with the cars and buildings we dont even consider entering on our way to school or work. It might as well be an empty blob, like that video game car.

I set out to give space to these half-things, and bring the visual cues that video games have for them into our real surroundings.

Carla Klein and Laura van Ginsven helped me map out a space like this during the Maquettes project. Resulting in clay miniatures and a maquette, and in the end a life-size unusable car with a fence right through it.

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