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Manaeuver Terrain for the Modern Savage

     There is this need to tell things in a way they did not happen. I have it at least. This project started with me in a cafeteria; I felt a feeling of slight discomfort in a public space like that, and amped it up into “imagine you’re Marco Polo and you walk into this place”. My ideas for how to depict this cafeteria and other places I frequent turned into something not recognisable as a “typical dutch setting”, but into something of their own, a bit of a fantasy. For example the “Dutch brute” figure is very non-specific in his west-european-ness. And although frying-fat bottles and smeg-fridges are very typical, I’ll be the first to claim these logically fix together with unvarnished triplex wood. So next time you encounter a humanoid smeg fridge,you know.

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