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Lieve Jongen Suite -
BEAR Fine Art Graduation Show

“Dear visitor,

Please come and become a member of my caravan club. In exchange for space in your memory I will offer you shelter for the night, from the cold and dark.
I would like to invite you to stay in my caravan. There is a show in Arnhem from the 3rd till the 7th of July. It is my graduation show. So I’m packing up, and I will leave ArtEZ after this. Leaving art school marks the start of my nomadic existence which I hope begins together with you; members of my caravan club.
This is a deal, a transaction of sorts. I’m offering you to stay one of these nights inside my graduation work, a caravan. I’ll be your host, taking care of you, in exchange for showing you what I’ve made of these busy times. With this I hope you will join my club!”


     This invitation was sent out to people I wanted to share this transitional moment with. To artists, curators, friends. I wanted to show what I’ve done, share my plans for the future, and care for my visitors in return.

The space held me as host, and collage-works I made, which were heavily modified to fit this hosting space. The caravan so become a stage for the kind of serving but directing roles I had encountered in my recent collaborative projects.   

      In these projects I had found that it’s the small negotiations of desire we make that direct us in a space, and that a serving role has a soft directing power in it. As I took on a soft, directing role I embodied as the “Lieve Jongen” transactions of desire were put in motion as I took care of my guests and they gave me their attention.

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