Lieve Jongen Suite -
BEAR Fine Art Graduation Show

You step on my name and enter the caravan. You get a greeting and I smile.

Let’s partake in a transaction; an arrangement for the desires of both of us. I promise it is more relaxing than it sounds. I will take care of you. In an environment like this you get caught up in dynamics between host and visitor, and we will see how objects direct and get caught up in these interactions. I will be your host. In return I hope this will stay with you in memory, and you will carry it with you as you travel from place to place.

Reassured, you sit on the soft cushion and relax. You have been going through the whole Artez Arnhem Finals, paying attention to the exhibited and working those mental gears. Are you tired?

I have prepared this environment for you. As a stage for our arrangement. It does not feel theatrical, but over the next day’s visitors like yourself will sit on the same spots, touch the same things. The space has carefully been arranged for this exchange, directed by the pieces I’ve installed.

Wall-pieces have been adjusted and integrated to facilitate as much as possible: for you to rest your hands on, to place a teacup on. A wall piece has been bend over in half to become part of the sofa you sit on.

These plates are of no value for their utility. Like me they have to work and endure to entertain. They take over when I’m getting your drink. They only serve for you to fill up your mind’s eye when you’re bored, and to manoeuvre around, touch and sit on like they’re yours. A usually exclusive activity between garden sculptures and rich villa owners; in this case between second-second-hand-caravans, their owners, and b&b visitors. But you should know what market of desire you’re playing into. What I’ve stage is something something adventurous and at the same time temporary. Something intermediate coming after my graduation and what is next.

I hope you join me and my caravan club.