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This is the Inflatable Acropolis. And a very deflating. I was asked to partake in a exhibition with the name of “Worldwide Glory” (Wereldwijd de Heerlijkheid). Then we scouted the area to get an idea. I had never been before as it was quite remote and small in size. I there came across many monuments that celebrated how significant this place was, historically and culturally. This caught me by surprise (and slight scepticism), so my biggest impression of the trip was this boldness. I don’t buy the actual cultural weight, which somehow makes the “we are very important” a lot more admirable to me. I thought how can I contribute? Let’s make an Acropolis, which to a half Greek like me is peak historical gravitas. A flappy, anticlimactic acropolis that becomes flaccid without the constant effort of pumping it up. Which I visited to do, and the organisers of the event graciously did too. The Hemmen acropolis doens't stay up for nothing!

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